There, I’ve done it again . . .

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I have now done it again—both revised the Beargrass Press website and made a mess of things in the process.

For the website, time was a consideration, as I’ve described in another post, yet I wanted more flexibility than was possible with the earlier version as well as the option to provide some additional features. It is a work in progress . . .

For the mess, well, it includes what I now face on my virtual desktop—images I considered using, versions of those images cropped or otherwise altered, files of guidance on customizing various aspects of the WordPress theme I installed, files of text drafted for pages, some of which I actually used, files I did not want to lose track of for one reason or another, files for careful review at some “later” date, files that I was sure to deal with before sundown that day, files of items that seemed quite relevant at the time . . . There are files, many files—some of which can only be explained by way of spontaneous generation—and they “eye” me on launch.

The thing of it is, the majority of my files have homes. I know exactly where to find them as well as where to return them after use. They live in Documents and are key to both organization and efficiency.

These wayward icons, however, are adrift, though there’s no shortage of housing. Although they could continue to live on my desktop indefinitely, I definitely need to assign them to a unit or recycle them. I think it’s because of that “eye” thing.

I have met others with this same condition, though it is not something any of us like to talk about. Whatever the project, rather than clean things up as we go along, we just keep going along . . .

There’s habit involved, clearly. It’s no coincidence that the piles of papers on my desk mirror the piles of icons on by desktop. The paper piles “eye” me, too.

Habits can be changed. With time and attention, I will change this one.

In the meantime, if you’ve visited the Beargrass Press website in the past, you will notice some differences this time around. Please contact me with questions, concerns, and suggestions. I’d love to hear from you!