In Honey Bee: The Sun Being, a honey bee transitions from work as a house bee inside the beehive to work as a field bee. She now must fly far from home and return with the goods that are essential for the survival of her colony. As each phase of the story unfolds, we find the details interwoven with extending text and full-color images. The worker’s fine capabilities derive from her exquisite insect design, which helps explain how the worker bee manages to accomplish the phenomenal work that she does. Even so, none of her work would be possible were it not for our magnificent sun! To purchase, please visit the Beargrass Press Store.

  • Book ISBN: 978-0-9851625-5-9
  • Paperback/Perfect Binding: 28 pages/Full Color
  • Publisher: Beargrass Press
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 inches