Honey Bee ABCs: Cards for Curious Kids introduce young people to the little pollinator we call honey bee. The cards engage young people with the worker, queen, and drone—up close and personal—with no concern whatsoever about being stung!

Designed in full-color, the cards measure 4.25-inches x 3.67-inches small. The set fits neatly in a child’s hand or pocket, and is easy to pack and carry. Printed on 80-pound cardstock for durability, the cards are packaged in a crystal-clear sleeve with a wrap-around paper band and shipped in a protective bubble-wrap envelope.

The DIY download contains complete instructions and allows for printing multiple copies for personal use.

Cards can be shuffled and then placed in order, strung around a doorway, or hole punched and tied together in a flip book. Simple words can be spelled with the letters that back each card, either with one or several sets combined. Games invented spell play!

This year-round stocking stuffer and party favor introduces the young to the occupants and ingenious ways of the honey bee colony, from A to Z. We’re never too young (or old) to learn—especially when it comes to learning about these marvelous insects! The cards are perfect for all the curious kids in your world, a lovely way to spread the word about the little pollinator that has become such an integral part of all of our lives. To purchase, please visit the Beargrass Press Store.

  • Cardstock: 80 pound
  • Number: 28
  • Publisher: Beargrass Press
  • Dimensions 4.25 inches x 3.67 inches