Gran’s Bees takes us to a day in a grandmother’s garden, where we find an unexpected lesson in bees. The garden also provides insight into the vital connection between the bees and the flowers that bloom there. The exquisite, long-standing relationship between honey bees and flowers is as essential to the life of the plant as it is to the life of the honey bee. It is a cherished part of our own lives as well. As the pages of the story draw to a close, we find notes about a beekeeper’s tools and a number of plants that nourish us as well as the bees. Additional space is provided for personal observations. To purchase, please visit the Beargrass Press Store.

  • Book ISBN: 978-0-9851625-4-2
  • Paperback/Perfect Binding: 41 pages
  • Publisher: Beargrass Press
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches