Welcome to Beargrass Press, located in Portland, Oregon. Our focus is on offering opportunities to glimpse beneath the surface of the natural world—whether a river, a beehive, or ourselves. Often all it takes to see the world anew is a different experience of what we may perceive as simply ordinary.

As we expand our awareness and understanding, we enrich our capacity for appreciation and wonder. We have much to celebrate!

Materials that are currently available include Honey-Maker: How the Honey Bee Worker Does What She Does, pocket guides, and cards for sharing some of the amazing features of honey bees. Additional information about each of these can be found in the Portfolio as well as the Shop. As you explore materials and resources, let us know of your concerns and questions. In other words, please make contact. Among kind words about Honey-Maker are the following from Randy Oliver, Biologist, ScientificBeekeeping.com:

Fantastic book—far beyond my expectations! Well researched, accurate, and written with heart. Anyone (including myself) will learn a number of new things about bees. Definitely on my recommended reading list for beekeepers.

A word of caution in learning: Be prepared to be inspired by the small, golden insect we know as the honey bee.


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