A Different Experience

Sometimes all it takes to see the world anew is a different experience of what we tend to perceive as simply ordinary. Beargrass Press, located in Portland, Oregon, writes, edits, and publishes materials that aim to offer an opportunity to glimpse beneath the surface of the natural world—whether a river, a beehive, or ourselves.

As we expand our awareness and understanding, we enrich our capacity for appreciation and wonder. We have much to celebrate!

The Bee Book

Honey-Maker: How the Honey Bee Worker Does What She Does tells the story of the worker bee, the one we see in our flower and vegetable gardens, the one that continues to make today’s headline news. She is part of the honey bee colony that includes a queen, hundreds of drones, and thousands of other workers. Although there was a time when our association with the worker bee rested in the priceless honey and wax the colony produces—and still does, we now depend on her to aid not only the colony’s survival but also our own. Here you’ll learn how the honey bee worker does what she does—and why it matters so much to all of us. Additional description is at: About the Book.

The Bee Booklets

Pocket Guide to the Honey Bee provides an introduction to the pollinator we call the honey bee from the honey bee’s point of view, as well as a human might understand it to be. The guide a full-color, 24-page, mini-book that serves as a year-round stocking stuffer, hostess gift, and garden party favor to tell (and remind) everyone how amazing honey bees truly are!

Pocket Guide to the Honey Bee ABCs invites young people to engage with the incredible honey bee—worker, queen, and drone—up close and personal. Similar to other pocket guides, it’s a full-color, 24-page, mini-book that provides a means for making the acquaintance of the the occupants and the ingenious ways of the honey bee colony, from A to Z!

Pocket Guides provides additional details about the booklets.

The Bee Greeting Cards

A Day for Daisies, No Time to Sting, Sweetness and Light, and Thyme on the Wing are 5×7 photo greeting cards celebrating the honey bee. Blank inside, they are ready for the words that will convey the sender’s personal message. Available individually and in sets of four, the cards feature photographs on the front and an description of related honey bee activities on the back. They’re a lovely way to spread the word about the little pollinator that has become such an integral part of all of our lives. You can learn more about available cards and sets at: Honey Bee Cards.

Caution: Be prepared to be inspired by the small, golden insect we know as the honey bee.

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